All-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive Are Not Exactly the Same Thing

The difference between all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive needs to be noted as some people still get them confused. While they both cause all four wheels of a vehicle to engage, there are different purposes and applications of the processes.

Four-wheel drive has been in existence longer so the term is more familiar to most people. With this technology, a lower gear ration and a split differential are used to gain four-wheel power resulting in greater traction for the vehicle. This system is mostly found in pickup trucks and bigger sized off-road SUVs. It is mainly used for off-road and rougher terrain purposes.

All-wheel drive is found in crossovers, sedans, and high-performance vehicles. It works by sending an even amount of power to all four wheels with some adjustment when road conditions differ. All-wheel drive gives an even and steady grip on the road and is for highway and paved road usage.

Either system gives consumers the option to have the best power for whichever use fits their situation the best. Find your dream Land Rover here at our dealership!

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