Compact Temporary Tires vs. Full Size Spare Tires: Know the Difference

Spare tires come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy them used or brand new, and in some cases, that does not matter at all to someone who is trying to get back on the round.

However, if you want your car to run for a long time without another flat, you should pick a spare tire that will keep your car on the road. Temporary spare tires usually have a "T" mark on them at the store. These are tires that should only be used in an emergency situation and will not do well on long drives.

These are user a cheaper alternative to a full-size spare tire that typically comes with a tread that is much higher and can last longer. The service department at Land Rover Frisco can offer advice on how to pick a tire based on your budget so you always have the right tire when you need one.

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