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While they will not be anything new to your Land Rover, the warning lights on your dashboard keep on being the most comprehensive strategy for conveying an upkeep issue to their driver. Keep an eye out for these two warning lights in particular that could appear on your dash.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cautioning Light

Most current diesel vehicles are fitted with a diesel particulate filter. If this is flawed, it will trigger a notification light and it could harm your motor if left unchecked for too long. Get this looked at straight away as faulty DPFs can cause serious issues and can be costly to fix.

Coolant Cautioning Light

With no coolant, your Land Rover’s motor would get so hot that it would become far overheated and burn itself out. If you see the coolant light appear on your dashboard, it could very well imply coolant levels are low. You can check the gauge of the coolant tank yourself or visit a certified service center like ours to have it inspected by professionals.

Take care of any light on the dash of your beloved luxurious Land Rover before a small issues becomes something big.

Schedule your service appointment here at Land Rover Frisco today to diagnose that pesky warning light on the dash!

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