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Once motion sickness kicks in it can be pretty hard to get that movement and nausea to stop. We here at Land Rover Frisco have some tips that can help you prevent motion sickness before it gets out of hand. Let’s take a look:

Avoid alcohol before you leave or while you are on the road. This can really flare up the symptoms of motion sickness. Put down your favorite book or magazine. You’ll have to enjoy them when you arrive at the hotel. Reading or looking down at your lap can cause motion sickness.

Try to travel in a vehicle that will provide you with the smoothest ride possible. This means that you should avoid a very bumpy vehicle or a very bumpy road. Bring some ginger-flavored products along with you. Ginger is a natural way that you can prevent motion sickness. Ginger gum, ginger drinks and ginger supplements all help.

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