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Now that winter has ended and we have some warmer weather in Frisco, you may want to take some time and get your vehicle ready for the summer. The weather can be really harsh on your vehicle, and in addition to a good cleaning, your vehicle could probably use a good tune up in order to keep it running efficiently. Let’s take a look at some spring car care tips:

Have your oil changed if it has been over six months since your last service.
Check the treads of your tires. Chances are, the cold temperatures put some wear on them and you might be in need of something new. If you use winter tires during the colder months, swap them out for your summer tires.
Make sure all of your fluid levels are topped off, including windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid, etc.
Stop by our Land Rover maintenance facility in Frisco, TX for assistance with your spring car care maintenance.

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